Thursday, 28 March 2013

10 awesome features that Android phones have but iPhone 5 doesn’t

Apple has launched iPhone 5, but as we compare it with Android, there are 10 features not provided by iPhone 5.

The much-awaited iPhone 5 was finally launched last month by Apple. No doubt, the new iDevice is sleeker and has an elegant design and user interface. But is it the best smartphone on the market? The iPhone 5 still lacks many useful features that are there in Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy III. Here's our wish-list of 10 such features that we would like Apple to add to the iPhone to make it the smartest phone.

1. Find your way with Google Maps

Apple dropped Google Maps from iOS 6 and introduced its own app – Maps. So far, the application has been a disaster. Users reported glitches such as missing landmarks and the addition of altogether new places. Most Android phones come with Google Maps pre-installed or it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Google Maps is much more accurate than Apple's Maps. Keeping business rivalry aside, Apple should have left customers to decide for themselves which mapping app they want to use. After all, the customer is the king.

2. Customize your phone's interface

Are you bored of the default UI of your phone? Well, if you have an Android, you can change it with different home screen launchers. Many of the default features of Android can be swapped with third-party alternatives that are available on the Play Store. But this isn't possible on the iPhone. The open source nature of Android makes it highly customizable. This is the biggest advantage that Android phones have over the iPhone. However, Android being an open source platform is also vulnerable to malware. You can always use a mobile security solution to keep away the malicious threats.

3. Interactive Widgets

If you like interactive widgets, Android has just the thing for you. Android supports widgets which give you a whole lot of information at a glance. Take your pick from widgets that give you access to the phone's settings, apps, details about the battery life, weather information, and lots more. The widgets resize automatically according to the screen of your phone.

4. Use SD cards to expand the storage space

If you buy a 16GB iPhone 5 and soon run out of storage space, there's no way you can add more memory. Of course, you can delete some files to make way for that extra bit of space. However, most Android phones use removable SD cards that you can easily upgrade.

5. Make payments on the go with NFC

How about making payments by just tapping your phone on a reader? Or instantly share files between phones by placing them back to back? Yes, it's all possible on the latest Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III with NFC (Near Field Communication). The iPhone 5 doesn't support NFC, however, the Bump app offers the same functionality of file sharing as the S-Beam feature on the Galaxy S III.

6. Use the standard micro USB

Now Apple has come up with the mini Lightning connector that can be used only with the new iDevices. If you want to use your old connectors, an adaptor is required. Why doesn't Apple just support the micro USB that's a standard across the world? The old cables could then be used even if we upgrade to a new phone. This would also help to reduce the generation of e-waste. Android phones use the micro USB and it's so much more convenient to use them with other devices.

7. Take notes with the stylus

Knowing that Steve Jobs hated the stylus, it's not surprising that the iPhone doesn't support pen input. But the stylus is back with a bang with the Android-based Samsung Note II. It's much easier to quickly jot down notes using the stylus rather than typing on the keyboard. The stylus also offers many other cool features such as annotating images with text, making sketches, and converting hand-written notes into text.

8. Smart gesture applications

The Samsung Galaxy S III supports a set of really awesome palm gestures. Want to take a screenshot? Just swipe your palm over the screen to capture an image. And if you want to pause a video, place your palm over the screen. Shake your phone to update your Twitter feed or to refresh your inbox. Magical, isn't it?

9. Turn over the phone to mute it

Don't want to be disturbed by a call or a notification alert? Simply put your Galaxy S III face-down. This activates the silent mode in which all incoming calls and alerts will be muted. Of course, there's a silent mode in the iPhone 5 as well but the feature is not as intuitive as the one in newer Android versions.

10. Removable battery

Most Android phones have a removable battery which isn't the case in the iPhone. A removable battery gives you the option to use a spare one when you go on a long trip. It will help you use your phone longer without the need to charge it. Battery maintenance is also cheaper and it's easier to replace a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

Do you like Android or the iPhone?

Which is your favorite phone? Is it an Android or the iPhone? Which features you like the most in your phone? Let us know in the comments.

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